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Armoured Vehicles

Protection first

We design them, we make them

Tekne is into the research and development, design, certification and production of military and civilian armoured vehicles.
The armour systems are made starting from the detection and modeling of the 3D structure of the vehicle, passing through the design and simulation for the checks of ballistic resistance and resistance to explosions, for the realization of prototypes to be subjected to certification tests at accredited bodies, to get to series production.
In the field of civilian armoured vehicles (mainly SUVs), Tekne stands out for its high levels of ballistic and explosion protection and for the transformation activities on the chassis and mechanics of the vehicles; in fact, to ensure the full safety of the occupants, it is essential to raise the active and passive safety of the base vehicle, verifying and increasing the performance of the chassis, suspensions, braking system, groups
wheel, on-board electronics, kinematic chain, etc.
Furthermore, the presence within the company of the skills in electronic warfare, radio frequency and radio communications, allows us to offer a complete product: the vehicle can be natively equipped (and therefore validated) with radio equipment and Counter UAV / UAS and Counter RC_IED systems. .