EC H2020

Europe at the forefront of technological development

ECSEL is an EU-led public-private partnership that finances innovation in electronic components and systems and aims at "shaping digital innovation", making sure to keep Europe at the forefront of technological development.
Horizon 2020, the most important research and innovation program of the European Union, has been established within it.


Model Driven Engineering

MegaM@Rt² stands for MegaModeling at Runtime: it is a project aimed at creating a development environment that reduces the gap between the DesignTime and RunTime phases, in the life cycle of software / hardware systems.

Tekne contributes to the project as a "case study provider" alongside important partners (Bombardier, Nokia, Volvo, Thales), i.e. it will choose a system based on its industrial interests on which it will experiment with the methodologies and development tools made available by MegaM@Rt. 
COMP4 new


Drones Evolution

COMP4DRONES (Components for Drones) aims at creating a framework for the definition and certification of technologies needed for the development of drone-based applications / systems. This framework will be based on principles of modularity and modularity, in order to facilitate the use of drones for highly customizable civil applications.

TEKNE has the important role of Leader of WP5 - Trusted Communication.
The goal of this WP is to ensure robust and efficient communications between drones, with ground stations and with the cloud (also in order to prevent external attacks by attackers), taking into consideration the regulations and constraints of the integrated platform.
IREL new

iReλ 4.0

Reliability under control

iReλ 4.0  deals with the reliability of electronic devices and systems, starting from the supervision of the entire supply chain for their production, in order to acquire a detailed knowledge of the mechanisms and models of failure and their prime causes, and to evaluate them, control them, prevent and mitigate them.

TEKNE participates in the project with a double role: as a "technology provider" it works to improve production technologies and as a "case study provider" it aims to create a demonstrator that uses these solutions, and whose experimentation is the case study that allows to evaluate part of the project. In our case, the focus is on the reliability of batteries and power electronics systems, in particular for automotive applications.



From Europe to Abruzzo, Italy

The POR Operational Regional Program is the programming tool for the management of the interventions to be carried out within the framework of the FESR European Regional Development Fund, which deals with correcting the imbalances between the regions and consolidating the economic and social cohesion of the European Union.


A.I. and augmented reality to be trained on Cyber Security

CyberTrainer is a project aimed at creating a platform for training and advanced training in Cyber Security.
Alongside formal learning, all cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality are used to create theoretical e-learning but also experiential and social learning workshops.
TEKNE deals with aspects relating to the security of radio communications, with the creation of a technological demonstrator of a distributed multidimensional radio frequency (RF) sensing system based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, capable of detecting the presence of transmissions and sources of interference / jamming in frequency, time and geographical position existing in a given area through the distributed processing of data collected in the field by cooperating sensors.