Tell us about the global picture, we'll take care of the details.

Our know-how embraces apparently distant and disjointed fields and sectors such as electronics, automotive and telecommunications.
We consider this our strength, because it allows us to exploit our experience in a wider perspective.

It allows us to propose the SYSTEM without neglecting the DETAILS.

Through the phases of analysis, design, implementation, support, we compose and integrate different objects, hardware and software, of our production or of third parties, to modify or renew them and expand them in functionality.
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We can offer you the solution A-Z ensuring efficiency, savings, risk reduction.



Installation of equipment to take into account the platform operational roles as well as the operators comfort and the appliable regulations.
Study and analysis based on CAD simulation, mock-up and prototypes.

Mechanical Design

Thanks to advanced tools and simulation we design to ensure our systems to withstand the stresses induced when platform are in motion during operation or when transported.

Electronical Design

We power up your ideas, counting on an electric and electronical design which takes into account all operating scenarios and all the power needs in terms of power consumption, redundances, resilience.

Acoustic and Thermal Design

We can analyze and optimize sound insulation and climate control inside platform through simulations and  also throught the design the specific equipment to monitor and control the environment.

Rischio CBRN

We are expert in protection against nuclear/radiologic, biological or chemical attack throught the right selection of materials, the design of the installation and the specification of the CBRN filtering (or filtropressurization) unit.



We design electronic systems that do not interfere by radiation or conduction with other objects already present. We design installation layouts and wiring to minimize interference and maximize performance.

Life Cicle Support

We manage all stages of the System Life Cycle: from Configuration Management to Integrated Logistic Support analysis, spare parts, installation, on-site maintenance, training and documentation.

...and much more

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