Our history



TEKNE was born as a typical Italian family business; thanks to past experiences and to specific interest of the founding partners, the company begins to work in the design and manufacture of electronic systems and electrical systems, focusing, from the very beginning, on special vehicles and agricultural machinery.

In the same time part of the company focuses on vehicles for industry and construction/mining: TEKNE collaborates with ASTRA IVECO SpA, being its first Exclusive Agency (Agenzia D'Arrezzo), later concessionary in various Italian regions. Thanks to the relationship with several Italian general contractors, over the years TEKNE gains more experience of after-sales support on the field, in construction yards around the world and in particular in the big African yards.

In the field of electric wire harnesses and electronic systems production, the company proposes itself as first plant supplier for major manufacturers of special vehicles, agricultural machinery and equipment; Over the years, TEKNE decided to relocate its production to Tunisia, where it opened its own subsidiary in Tunis and, subsequently, a production plant in Sousse. In 2009, in view of the ever-increasing specialization of its products and following the decision to abandon the sub-supply sector, TEKNE decided to return all the production in Italy.

In the years TEKNE has been able to work in the most diverse sectors (from telephony to toys, from the lifting to the telecommunications industry) by concentrating its skills in electronics and mechanical field, specializing in the field of special off-road vehicles.




The expansion of the African market leads TEKNE to open an operating headquarters in South Africa where, through a subsidiary, it imports and distributes the Astra brand in various sub-equatorial Africa countries and provides after- Professional and timely sales.


In order to strengthen the spare parts service, TEKNE PARTS srl is created.


TEKNE decides to invest in people transport, and it starts collaborating with Italian coachmakers; from this period on, we begin to develop vehicles and transformations completely managed in Tekne, from design to realization.


TEKNE opens an operating plant in Mozambique, with which it assures, in the region of large mines, quality support in vehicle sales, service management, and spare parts supply.


TEKNE opens its operational plant in Termoli (CB) where, as part of the production of special vehicles and people transport, mainly mechanical machining and welding operations are carried out.


Major partnership agreements are defined, expanding the Tekne products and solutions market to the Middle East area, with particular reference to defence and security sectors.


TEKNE opens its operating headquarters in Ortona (CH), where it focuses on mechanical engineering, prototyping and final assembly of vehicles, transformations and fittings.

TEKNE signs a framework agreement with THALES, which includes the acquisition by TEKNE of highly qualified personnel and the establishment of Chieti's Thales Italia site, including assets for development, qualification and production. In the new TEKNE headquarters, over 40 years of high technology in the field of Defence and Security, are underway in the framework of important contracts for the Ministry of Defence and national and European research projects.



The last few years in particular have been rich in innovations: the launch of two new products in the field of vehicles, the GRAELION 4x4 heavy duty multifunction and the HORTON bus family, and numerous new solutions in the field of Electronic Systems, such as Jammer and anti drone systems, new control units for crane control and much more.

After 30 years competence innovation and passion are still key ingredients in TEKNE activities. Today TEKNE is a reliable and qualified partner in:

  • design, production and installation of industrial, special and military vehicles;
  • design and production of custom electronic systems and solutions both for civil market and for the defence, security and tlc sector.

TEKNE operates through various sites in Italy, and it has representations in several countries around the world:

  • Ortona (CH) - Headquarters: Administration, Engineering and Production - Vehicles B.U. and Systems B.U.;
  • Poggiofiorito (CH) - Legal Head OfficeGeneral electronics and cabling production;
  • Guastalla (RE): Commercial Offices and spare parts service.

TEKNE believes in Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction, ensuring a remarkable flexibility and efficiency in fast development, primary demand in the reference markets, together with excellent benefit-cost ratio and continuous research for improvement in its products and services.