Extra heavy duty Astra HHD9 8×6, tipper chassis, featuring 63 t GVW.

This machine is ideal for mining applications, sporting the FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engine rated at 480 HP (353 kW) and the Allison 4700 fully automatic 7-speed transmission.
The technical solutions adopted on this model contribute to an increase in the robustness, reliability and durability of the product, thus enhancing productivity. These solutions include: heavy duty Kessler axles with reinforced front and rear parabolic suspensions; new front disc brakes for a better steering angle and reduced maintenance costs and time; a heavy duty reinforced chassis made of two flat and parallel side members (320 x 90 x 10mm) with the highest Rail Bending Moment among competitors for greater stability and resistance in the most difficult working conditions.
HHD9 2
HHD9 3