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Advanced Command Posts

for Emergency Management

Thanks to the experience of the engineers today in TEKNE, we maintain and manage the technological upgrade of the AF / UCL, Local Crisis Unit Vans, in use by the Fire Brigade, designed by the same people who today work on its development and evolution.
The vehicles act as a mobile operating room, intended for emergency response teams for complex emergencies.
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AF / UCL vehicles are special vehicles intended for mobile technical-logistic structures to carry out "on-site" coordination and command of complex rescue operations.
The intended use is in fact that of an Advanced Command Post in the areas affected by emergency events, in particular in cases of suspected NBCR risk.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, the vehicle acts as a "decision-making" center for the coordination and control of the operating sector.


AF / UCL is primarily a telecommunications center: in fact, the operators are able to control and manage, on a simple and rapid way, various radio networks and different technologies installed on board, with the creation of a redundant connection network that ensures the connection between the members of the operational teams and the exchange of information flows with the higher commands.
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Thanks to a targeted set-up and equipment, the AF / UCL van allows you to:
  • Communicate with teams operating in confined places (tunnels, cavities etc.)
  • Monitor the sequence of information received (paper documents - video-audio-data)
  • Develop the coordination action with its officials and teams in the area
  • Guarantee internal conditions of comfort according to external climatic variations and usability of the internal space
  • Allow the easy implementation of new equipment inside the van, without having to intervene on the coverings to allow their wiring