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Tekne laboratories design and develop both infrastructural and tactical telecommunication systems, to be distributed within defence, industry and institutional markets.

With regards to infrastructural systems we develop:

  • Wired CAMPUS network (study and design of network architecture, fibre and copper cable distribution, structured cabling, monitoring & management system, fault analysis, network certification, anti-intrusion and CCTV systems)
  • Optic fibre Wide Area Networks
  • Classified wired networks (pre-installation analysis, physical and technical requirements, zoning, COMSEC)
  • Wide area networks in Radio Relay
  • TETRA networks

For those networks we supply Operations Support Systems (OSS) software to support configuration, monitoring, control, fault analysis activities and complete management of network itself.


For defence networks, we develop voice and data Tactical Communication Systems, through advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques, Software Defined Radio (SDR) Architecture, innovative waveforms.

Our product lines include both portable and vehicular and nomadic configuration, in order to meet all kinds of situations and needs, not only in military scenarios but also during disaster/emergency management by Fire Brigades, Police and Civilian Protection units in general.

Our products and systems cover a wide frequency range, from HF in medium and high power (up to 1kW), to V/UHF up to 3 GHz for short range communications. For highly secure and protected communications we developed specific solutions at up to 38 GHz; for satellite applications (SICRAL) we propose a low noise amplifier module.

Our integrated system for interoperability are vehicle-installation of multifrequency radio, provided with a RoIP gateway (Radio over IP) and aimed at ensuring communication in emergency and crisis scenarios.