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Tekne provides products and solutions for Electronic Attack (EA / ECM), Electronic Protection (EP/ECCM) and Electronic Support (ES/ESM).
In particular:

  • Interception systems, direction finding, signal analysis
  • Communication jamming systems
  • Jamming Systems to counter radio-controlled IED
  • Counter UAV systems
  • Systems integration and coexistence of jamming with communications (band filters, time synchronization, special antennas with space diversity etc.)
  • RF Spectrum

We propose highly modular, customizable EW systems, easily integrated and interfaced to Command and Control systems (e.g. the Combat Management System & Navigation system in Navy applications).

Our software suite for EW mission planning, management and post mission analysis is designed to maximize interception and/or jamming effectiveness; it will return all the needed data and final optimum location of resources and their configuration, based on propagation algorithm, area coverage, and many libraries (GIS, waveform, configuration parameters etc.). A MS-Access/SQL Server database is available for Mission data, planning, exploration and deployed/order generation storage.

ew ENG

For civilian applications, such as mass-events monitoring, we offer products and solutions to monitor compliance of the RF spectrum regulation and the presence of intruders, intentional as well as unintentional; it is thus possible to intercept radio communication links and to determine the direction of the signal and localization of threats.

When a "intruder" radio link is intercepted, merged data coming from more stations or one station moving on a vehicle can be used to perform localisation in short time.

The Tekne anti RC-IED jammer family includes 5 different models and dedicated antenna configurations:
  • J4VIP-T is the top performance jammer for vehicles and convoy protection
  • J4MPR-T is the Man Portable jammer solution, in its three versions: reactive, barrage and light
  • J4EAD-T (Jammer for Explosives and Drones) is the jammer gun , for directive antennas;
  • J4SKY-T is the anti drone & UAV solution;
  • J4INC-T is the indoor communication jammer.