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"Critical Infrastructure (CI) means an asset, system or part thereof essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions, health, safety, security, economic or social well-being, and the destruction or disruption of which would have a significant impact in a Member State as a result of the failure to maintain those functions" from European union directive 2008/114/ec, 2008.

We have know-how and multidisciplinary competency in the fields of networking and communications, sensors and sensor data integration, analysis and data correlation: these are the basis for our integrated systems aimed at critical infrastructure and other sensitive areas protection.

We develop solutions against CBRNe, cybersecurity, physical and electromagnetic intrusion threats. These solutions can be installed and deployed also in case of a temporary threat. They are built on HW/SW integrated platforms which are modular and web-based, capable of monitoring and control of different sets of heterogeneous sensors.

CBRNe Protection

Prevention of CBRNe threats is accomplished by continuous real-time monitoring of data acquired by the sensors & alert rules management: sensors are installed within mobile monitoring stations, recognition/reconnaissance vehicles, or mobile command posts.

Local Area Control System (LACS)

All information coming from the various sensor levels is collected in the Command and Control Subsystem, and Area Protection from physical intrusion (by personnel, vehicles, UAV etc.) is thus possible. The Command & Control Subsystem has the role of merging and correlating data coming from anti-intrusion, seismic, piezoelectric and PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensors, Thermal and daylight cameras, radars and UAV detection systems.