TECS - Solutions for Cranes


The TEKNE "TECS" systems group a rich line of electronic load limiters for truck hydraulic cranes.

Designed with the aim of a wide scalability of configurations, their versatility models them to the characteristics of the machine, and the installation gets easier even on cranes not predisposed to the use of limiters.

All "TECS" systems can be interfaced to a PC with a user-friendly diagnostic and configuration tool that simplifies and speeds up setting operations and allows real-time control of the functionality of the control unit and the connected sensors.

Starting with "TECS 1850", all control units implement CAN bus connectivity.

TECS 1850

Electronic Load Limiter

TECS 1850 is an electronic load limiter that can be installed on hydraulic truck cranes. It's an extremely versatile system, rapidly and easily installable even on vehicles not equipped for the use of limiters.
It is available in two configurations: the "Basic", interfacing itself with the distributor through a wire provided with microswitches/proximity, and the "Radio", that can be directly linked to several distributors/radio controls.
TECS 1850 can be classified under safety category 2 according to UNI EN 954- 1 regulation.
tecs 1850

TECS 2700

Electronic Load Limiter

TECS 2700 is an electronic load limiter for hydraulic truck cranes. It can be configured in several ways, therefore it can be installed on a wide range of cranes with different carrying capacity.
It implements all the operations for stabilization control imposed by recent regulations. In particular, thanks to the management of the "working area", it permits the use of the crane at its maximum capacity even in situations which don't allow the complete stabilization of the machine on all sides.
It is classified under safety category 2 according to UNI EN 954-1 regulation.
tecs 2700


Signalling Light

Hydra is a waterproof signalling light which shows the safety conditions of cranes and other machines providing long-distance indication of the operation status with light and, eventually, sound.