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Protection on the move

Anti RC-IED Vehicular Jammer

Tekne develops and delivers state of the art anti RC-IED solutions designed for the protection of personnel and facilities using the most advanced jamming techniques.

The threat of RC-IEDs is based on commercially available devices and has evolved exponentially over recent years, fuelled by the continuous evolution of modern communication devices and the knowledge sharing means over the internet. The adoption of flexible architectures, digital exciters and software defined waveforms makes the Tekne equipment capable to stay continuously up to date with the threat evolution.
Inside Tekne's SW defined Jammer family, J4VIP-T is top performance jammer for vehicles and convoy protection, working both in active and in reactive mode.

Space is often limited inside the vehicle, so electronic protection equipment needs to be both compact yet remain effective.
J4VIP-T is the top performance anti RC-IED jammer for vehicle installation. 
The system combines an extremely flexible -in generated waveforms- and efficient -in tx power- jamming component (exciters, amplifiers, antennas) with an interception component (bank of broadband tunable receivers) at very high speed.