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Signalling for Protection

Beacon System for Infrastructure Protection and Surveillance
Designed for applications, such as Critical Infrastructure Protection, border control, military camp protection and as a CBRN protection system during Large Events; this CBRN guard tripod features ruggedized body, for use in harsh environments, V/UHF, SAT Communications, Custom CBRN capabilities for DIM
  • Fast response time (10 sec to 2 min)
  • Central warning system and CBRN sensors management system

Multiguard is capable of remote and continuous Detection, Identification and Monitoring (DIM) of CBRN threats over a large areas.
The early warning system is designed to alert when specific airborne contaminants are detected.

Modular architecture allows:

  • Customisation of each beacon CBRN capabilities 
  • Easyly carried by two operators and transport with standard 
  • utility vehicles for storage or redeployment 
  • High network potential for communications 
  • Sensitive (ports, airports) infrastructure protection 
  • Fully customisable for installation on-board ships, vehicles

The collected data are transferred via a wireless network to a Command and Control computer equipped with Tekne ALISHA software, for data fusion and remote management of the entire network of beacons on the field.

The communication network relies on advanced UHF Radio system that be employed to ensure video transmission applications, blue force tracking and the possibility to be connected to other radio networks. 


  • Readily deployed system even in harsh conditions 
  • Command and Control computer designed for both indoor and outdoor use 
  • Alert on significant biological aerosol changesin the background; certified false-alarm low rate 
  • Certified Detection and Identification of chemical threats 
  • Detection of γ radiation, ambient dose equivalent, ambient dose equivalent rate 
  • High modularity and design for use in harsh weather conditions, easily used and quickly installed 
  • Graphical interface for the optimization of the deployment of the sensor network according to the area of interest, and the detection points selected 
  • System open to full customization, including integration of new and/or different sensors and software components
  • Real-time data transmission system 
  • Radio link for extended communication range based on the military UHF band, in continuous development to sustain future evolutions 
  • Advanced anti-tampering function based on GPS data, accelerometer and embedded antitampering function.