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Give a second life to your old MIL-STD 188 Radios

Radio Communication Bridge
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BridgeT is a bridge between tactical radio systems and modern communication platforms PC, iOS and Android based.

You can connect it to radios that new technologies have made "old" and give them a second life and many new reasons of use.

Imagine the reliability of old devices mixed with the flexibility of todays' communication systems: such a potentiality is definitely worth a try.

Move to hard military device to connect your radio to PC, iOS and Android device.

With its multi purpose RISC processor, BridgeT is able to handle different devices such its internal GPS, external Telemeter (i.e. Sophie, etc.), radio (command and control, Synchronous Data, PTT) and, obviously, a device to show its own Human Machine Interface.

Natively, it is able to share its own GPS position to the other BridgeT on the same Radio network (also in ANDVT mode) without use of external PC. It is also able to be a position gateway among two different radio networks.

The internal FEC make it strong to send video streaming (13Kbit/s max on 16KBit/s channels) with good Bit Error Rate.

Thanks to its very low energy consumption, it can be directly powered by handheld radios.

Using BridgeT Desktop (Windows and Android) you can view shared position on Google Maps (on demand, it is possible to integrate any GIS that provides an API).
Internal ARQ makes possible to exchange chat messages and transmit files without loss of data.

BridgeT iOS is configured to be connected to iOS world in particular with SafeStrike (the military grade tactical app for JTACs, Forward Observers and Laser Operators).

Direct support for Thales Sophie Hand-held thermal imager.