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Portable protection always at your side

Man Portable Reactive Jammer
When RCIED is a real risk, protect your squads with manportable jammers, supporting multi-band jamming based on latest technologies available.

Easy to be carried and deployed, the system offers you a 360° coverage around your squad against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) thus saving lives and missions.

TEKNE's J4MPR-T portable hybrid jammer system is a next-generation product based on Radio Software architecture.
The system combines an extremely flexible (in terms of generated waveforms) and efficient (in terms of transmitted power) jamming component (exciters, amplifiers, antennas) with an interception component (bank of broadband tunable receivers) at very high speed.

The system offers a series of features such as erasable mission data by means of a special "zeroing" key,"anti-tampering" protection, use of encryption according to NIST standards, availability of programming Fill-gun, etc., that protect the information and algorithms used at a high level of security.
Being based on the Software Radio architecture, you can customize these aspects based on specific requirements.