Tekne for Underwater and Aquatic Rescue Unit


firefighters fitting emergency&rescue delivery special vehicles


We have just delivered a vehicle equipped for the needs of the Underwater and Aquatic Rescue Unit to the Comando Provinciale dei Vigili del Fuoco di Roma ( Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade).

The van was set up in the Tekne workshops with internal panels in the rear compartment and LED lighting system, and the installation of a structure provided by the administration for the underwater equipment was carried out.
Technological equipment was also supplied and installed (marine band VHF radio, VF radio -GFO-, GPS navigation system with chartplotter).
Outside, in addition to the painting according to institutional coloring and the application of stickers bearing the writings foreseen for the perceptibility of the vehicle, other equipments were made and / or supplied and installed such as optical alarm signal LEDs, blue strobe lights, speaker for communications and external side awning with electric motor for opening/closing.

This followed tender awarded to Tekne for technical merit, price and after-sales services.


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