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On 2 and 3 October the Kick-off meeting of the European project Comp4Drones was held in Madrid, at the headquarters of INDRA SISTEMAS, with 49 partners from France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Latvia and the Netherlands and a budget of 30 million euros. The project aims at developing key technologies regarding hardware, software and communications in order to make drones safe and autonomous in complex applications in the transport, construction, logistics, surveillance, inspection and agriculture sectors.
Funded by the European ECSEL program (under the H2020 program) Comp4drones connects to the SESAR JU program to integrate drones in the future U-Space and facilitate flights in cities and rural areas to offer innovative services.

TEKNE has the important role of Leader of WP5 - Trusted Communication.
The objective of this WP is to guarantee robust and efficient communications between drones, with ground stations and with the cloud (also in order to prevent external attacks by malicious parties), taking into consideration the regulations and the constraints of the integrated platform.

Tekne also participates together with other Italian partners (University of Sassari, Ud'Anet Srl, University of L'Aquila, University of Sannio, Aitek SpA, Abinsula Srl, MODIS CONSULTING SpA, TOPVIEW SRL, AITRONIK Srl, Ro Technology Srl) to the definition of the case study related to precision agriculture.
In this case of study it will be possible to develop interesting cooperation technologies between air and land vehicles (rover), video technologies combined with the use of drones, precision positioning technologies and heterogeneous sensors mounted on the drone, on the rover, or even on the ground (sensor networks).
End users (agricultural companies) will be involved in the project for testing both in Sardinia and in Abruzzo.
ENAC, the National Agency for Civil Aviation, will be involved in the project, with the role of Advisor on regulatory aspects.

The project leader is INDRA SISTEMAS which hosted the Meeting. Many other large European companies like ALTRAN, SCALIAN, ACCIONA, THALES, INFINEON, TOTAL, HONEYWELL and research centers of absolute excellence such as CEA, AUSTRIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Delft University of Technology and IMEC participate in the project.
The project will last 36 months starting from 10/01/2019.

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