VMM - Vehicle for Migration Management - towards Varsavia!


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A long journey ahead, 1800km to Warsaw!
It is our VMM / Vehicle for Migration Management, a new mobile office set-up built on Mercedes Sprinter for Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, which since 2004 deals with the control and management of the external borders of the Schengen Area and of European Union.
Inside the vehicle we have designed and built a large "working compartment", to house three workstations, complete with desks and seats that can also be used while driving.
The vehicle is equipped with various systems and technologies and, in particular, with advanced V / UHF, 4G / LTE and satellite radio communications systems, suitable for connecting the vehicle with the HeadQuarter in various operating situations.
The vehicle is totally autonomous in operation, is equipped with redundant power supply systems and ensures, with the air conditioning systems, the well-being of the operators even for long periods.
The network systems are housed in the technical compartment at the rear of the vehicle.