2021? It starts with Italian Fire Brigades!


firefighters fitting emergency&rescue special vehicles delivery


A new delivery, the first of this 2021, for the Italian Fire Brigade: Fiat Doblò vehicles with special TEKNE equipment for rescue dog units.
In the technical compartment of the van, two areas are divided by a bulkhead with sliding window: the operational  area, available to the dogs accompanying personnel, with a closed shelf for housing the components of the auxiliary electrical system, and others loading equipment such as bags or similar, and the Animal Transport area, divided vertically into two sections so as to ensure the arrangement of 4 pet carriers in 2 shelves.
In the transport compartment there is also a water tank to be used for showering the animals or even to water the animals when necessary. The tank is integrated with a water system with adjustable pressure shower kit for the intended use of animals.
The Air Conditioning System provides, in addition to measuring and monitoring the temperature of the animal compartment with a reading instrument from the guide compartment, an aspiration / ventilation system positioned on the rear roof, equipped with an on / off switch and a reverse rotation switch. cockpit.

The fruitful collaboration with the Fire Brigade Dog Unit is confirmed and goes on, while in our workshops we are already working towards new deliveries in the short term.

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