mobile office red cross fitting emergency&rescue command post


They were acquired to deal with the COVID emergency, but the mobile offices recently delivered to the Italian Red Cross will always be useful.

It is FIAT Ducato with an outfitting designed and built in Tekne, with an office compartment in the back that gives space to 5 seats: even the driving seats are in fact fully rotatable towards the office compartment.
The comfortable meeting table is easily composed while allowing the passage between the driving area and the rear of the vehicle.

In the back, the operator console is the real heart of the office, with the 2 monitors and the video system for capturing images from the outside, thanks to a pivoting camera mounted on a telescopic pole that reaches a height of 2m beyond the roof of the vehicle.
To make the vehicle completely autonomous for office work there are the radio system with 2 VHF DMR radios, with relative microphone, and antennas (2 on the roof and 2 on the pole), the network system (access point, switch ), webcam, printer and plotter.
The supply is completed by the alarm signaling system, the vehicle stabilization system, the additional air conditioner and the awning.
A light group with 2 80W LED lights is mounted on the telescopic pole.