deployable kitchens shelter defence video


Delivered to the customer, the self-service deployable kitchens designed and built in TEKNE for the Direzione Armamenti Terrestri, Amministrazione Difesa Italy, will soon be in use.

Each kitchen is structured on 2 ISO 1C metal containers and was designed with the aim of ensuring full functional autonomy and total mobility for prompt intervention, rapid deployment and ease of use.
It is equipped with all the kitchen equipment necessary for the preparation, cooking and distribution of meals for a total potential of n. 500 complete meals / hour.

The two containers are made in such a way that they can be coupled longitudinally, creating a large area for the distribution of food; intended for field use, they are structured and constructed in such a way as to ensure watertight integrity against atmospheric agents, sand and the entry of insects. The containers are intended for meal preparation and cooking respectively.
The water system, which can be connected both to the water mains and to external cisterns / reservoirs, supplies water to all users that require it (sinks, electric pots, boilers, etc.). The electrical system covers the needs of lighting and operation of the machinery.


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