Special vehicles for the monitoring service of ENAV S.p.A. Radio Aids


special vehicles enav fitting delivery


In the brand new mobile monitoring vehicles to be delivered to ENAV S.p.A. we have installed an important management system of a pneumatic pole that reaches 22mt to allow measurement operations.
The mechanical expertise in the design of the outfitting in the load compartment - equipment and in the driver's compartment - dashboard is flanked by an electronic monitoring and actuation system equipped with a tft touch display, in which the following safety features are implemented:

  • The pole is moved only and only if the vehicle is completely stabilized
  • Monitoring of all critical system parameters such as height, air pressure and active dryer
  • Movement of the vehicle inhibited in the event of stabilization
  • Raising of the pole inhibited in case of moving vehicle
  • Monitoring of the status and alarms of different elements (group, compressor, etc.) in a single display

The electronic card driven by the display also allows the automation of some processes

  • Pole lift at pre-set height, with synchronous activation of compressor, dryer, and pole actuation when all the surrounding parameters are correct
  • Zero setting, for better height accuracy

Finally, thanks to this solution, the system can be configured as needed via software without modifying the installation. Thanks to the electronic system, in fact, the system is fully configurable to incorporate any future features.


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