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Huge success for our GRAELION chassis in a customised version, now in use by the fire brigade of Heidelberg, Germany, with a beautiful MLF (medium fire protection) set-up made by Walser.
GRAELION is natively perfect for emergencies in harsh conditions:
  • It is 4x4
  • It is agile, strong and compact
  • Portal axles maximize minimum ground clearance for improved off-road capabilities
  • It can easily drive even in narrow streets
  • It conquers any terrain, however rugged it may be
  • It is unstoppable even in natural events and disasters such as earthquakes, floods, weather emergencies, forest fires.
But something more was needed to fully satisfy the operational needs of users.
Our design team got to work and working with the customer, the bodybuilder and our partner for Austria and Germany  we made important changes to the chassis, reinforcements, customizations.
The most important is a robotization of the Allison 1000 automatic gearbox which allows the gearbox to be managed even from units external to the vehicle under certain conditions controlled automatically via software and preset according to the installation to be carried out.
This is essential, for example, in the typical use of fire-fighting installations that use pumping units, in which an operator who may not be authorized to drive the vehicle acts outside the vehicle and is able to activate the pump systems. The activation of the PTO with the change in Pump Mode takes place by simply pressing a button from the outside, while all the procedures aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the operation are ensured by the control software we have created; for this it is not necessary the high specialization of the operator. 
This system is applicable and successful in many other applications, allowing the replication of commands (including starting and stopping the engine) on an external push-button panel and at the same time guaranteeing:
  • Safety against accidental engagement
  • Solution to increase ergonomics in the dashboard of the vehicle by solving any space problems linked to the presence of the selector
  • Possibility of gearbox selection also from outside the vehicle only on set-ups, for use with static vehicle (PTO at gearbox)
Check for more information on ours GRAELION, 4x4 multipurpose vehicle!

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