Acceptance test passed for Firefighters LogisticVans


firefighters logistic vans fitting delivery emergency&rescue acceptance test


The first Logistics Vans were positively tested after the delivery of the prototype.
This is the first batch of a large fleet that will soon be in use throughout the country.
These are camper set-ups to be used for the mobile column services of the National Fire Brigade, capable of accommodating a team of 5 people, which can be used during emergencies to ensure complete recovery for those who provide assistance.
From the design to the carpentry installation solutions and the electrical, plumbing and heating systems: all aspects were taken care of by a team that includes multiple skills and competences.

Inside, the layout is made up of a living area and a sleeping area and services, divided by a sliding door.
In the living area

  • An expandable and folding table with telescopic leg,
  • 4 upholstered seats
  • An additional sleeping place compared to the 4 in the sleeping area, foldaway tilting
  • A kitchenette with fridge, microwave oven, induction hob and ventilation hatch

In the sleeping area

  • 4 bunk beds, 2 on each side of the van, with spotlights and USB sockets
  • Cabinets and furniture.

In the service area

  • A ventilated bathroom box with ceramic toilet and flushing cassette system, with cabinet equipped with sink and mirror.
  • A ventilated and autonomous shower cubicle

From the outside, a hatch allows access to the spacious internal locker; the generating set is also accessible via an extractable slide.
The veranda completes the supply.

We hope that our logistics vans will truly become a solid "mobile home" for operators engaged in the most arduous rescue operations for several days.



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