I-FASENET - Intermediate Milestone


i-fasenet r&d project mobile office graelion


In the event of major disasters, telecommunications infrastructures, crucial for the immediate intervention of relief agencies, could fail.
A dedicated government satellite, to be put into orbit in the future, will ensure emergency communication activities and the continuity of normal monitoring, prevention and control of the territory and infrastructure. I-FASENET is part of this great Italian project, called Ital-GovSatCom, one of the Research projects in which we are engaged at the forefront and which today in TEKNE has reached the intermediate milestone with the meeting of all the partners and the CNR auditor in charge by the Ministry.

Within the project, the focus is on the services that will travel on this satellite network, and for our part, a new version of our GRAELION, chosen for its outstanding off-road characteristics and therefore suitable for disaster scenarios, and with the new full hybrid engine, it will act as a high-tech mobile office to make both monitoring, prevention and control of the territory and structures possible, as well as emergency communications, dedicated to emergency response bodies in the event of a disaster.

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