Special vehicles for WILD ANIMAL RECOVERY CENTER of the MARCHE region


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The recovery of injured wild animals is a complex and delicate activity that requires the use of adequate means, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of the animal as well as the operators, during the loading and transport phases .
We have recently designed and realized special fittings on Nissan Navara pickups and VW Caddy for the CRAS (Wild Animal Recovery Centre) of the Marche Region.

Here are the main features:

  • Loading compartments with stainless steel slides and removable aluminum ramps
  • Powerful winch for rescuing large animals, with 10m cable
  • Configurable cage thanks to a removable vertical bulkhead which restricts the depth in case of small animals; furthermore, the cage is detachable from the underlying stainless steel tank equipped with a folding door with sealing gasket and liquid drain valve for effective and simple cleaning
  • 50 liter tank with pump, hose reel, nozzle and shower
  • 4 blue flashing lights, brandishing search light, 4 strobe lights
  • In the load compartment: air extractor and ventilation vents on the sides

Watch the video to discover them up more closely!