I-FASENET completed!


i-fasenet r&d project research & development final review


The Final Review of the I-FASENET project was successfully held at the TEKNE headquarters in Ortona (CH) on 5 June 2024.
I-FASENET is a research and development project facilitated by MIMIT (Italian Ministry of Business and Made in Italy) and by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, including Abruzzo, which have signed the Memorandum of Understanding aimed at supporting the program GovSatCom.
The aim of GovSatCom is to create a satellite system for institutional telecommunications: services, as well as placing satellites capable of the required traffic into orbit. These services must have the characteristics necessary to support the carrying out of missions where safety, timeliness and autonomy are fundamental factors. The satellite part is indispensable when the infrastructure is not available: in case of crisis or natural disasters, government actors need access to robust and rapidly deployable satellite capabilities.
I-FASENET proved to be functional to GovSatCom—the objectives it set and achieved were:
  • Mobile station (equipped vehicle) capable of reaching areas in crisis situations;
  • satellite connection even while the vehicle is moving - this is when terrestrial networks are not available but are integrated when they are;
  • sharing of connections between the various services and IT applications that belong to one or more Operational Centers of institutional bodies;
  • creation and verification of a demonstrator, which integrates sensor, video surveillance and electromagnetic spectrum surveillance services.
Tekne has developed a hybrid vehicle (4×4 all-terrain, 7,500 kg of total mass on the ground) for the I-FASENET Mobile Station, of which it also took care of the setup. Furthermore, as a service, it has developed, integrated and verified an electromagnetic spectrum surveillance system, consisting of a network of autonomous sensors for radio frequency signals, to be installed in the intervention area, and a high-performance analyzer installed on the vehicle.
Together with Tekne, the companies Elital (automatic satellite antenna pointing platform for communications with moving vehicles), Tiesse (TCP/IP traffic router on available links and access gateway for sensor and video camera networks), Digimat (wearable sensors and cameras) and Reiss Romoli (networking: Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization) participated in the project.

Congratulations to the whole team for the excellent work!