The first thirty years of the company were symbolically celebrated on July 27, 2019, in the presence of civil and military authorities, all employees, historical suppliers and all friends.
An important opportunity to remember Tekne's history from its first steps to today and to raise the glass to the future path that we hope will be of continuous development and prosperity.

No other place but the headquarters in Ortona, symbol of company growth and of the results obtained over the years as well as of the evolution that sets us apart, could be chosen as a location.
The foreseen program of the evening alternated moments of conviviality with major institutional interventions, given the importance of our guests.
The Prefetto of Chieti S.E. Giacomo Barbato, the Commander of the Carabinieri Province of Chieti Colonel Florimondo Forleo, the Commander of the Guardia di Finanza Province of Chieti Serafino Fiore, the Captain of the Port of Ortona Capitano di Fregata Giuseppe Marzano, the Bishop of Lanciano-Ortona his Excellency Monsignor Emidio Cipollone and political authorities like the Senator Gianluca Castaldi, the Hon. Renzo Lusetti, the Hon. Giovanni Legnini and the Hon. Mauro Febbo Councilor for Productive Activities of the Region, the President of the Province of Chieti and Mayor of Lanciano Mario Pupillo, the Mayors of Ortona and Poggiofiorito Leo Castiglione Remo D'Alessandro and the Vice-President of Confindustria CH-PE ing. Paolo Campana.

There have been many official interventions by the Authorities, in addition to the one of the Property after the welcome aperitif.
In the words of the Prefect there was a great recognition to our company:

"On this occasion we want to emphasize a model of proximity of the institutions to the citizens. And the companies represent an engine of social cohesion that we must enhance in safeguarding the national interest. In this case, we also add the high technological and professional value for the territory that we must defend and help to grow. "

"Surely the anti-drone challenge is one of the Cyber-security issues that we will take forward in time. It is the most cyber we can imagine because it is a total interaction between man-machine, and therefore hardware, all mediated by a software component of very high level "

The highlight of the evening was in fact the demonstration of one of the leading products of the Electronics & Systems business unit, when a small commercial drone, representative of the potential threat (from the simple violation of privacy to the most dangerous transport of explosive or toxic material) flew over the square filled with guests and was promptly rendered harmless by the disturbance system designed and built by Tekne.

"Today we show to the country the immense technological value that Italy has; it is not a manifestation of presumption but it is only a spirit of service in the national interest. While other companies relocate we invest even more in collaboration with the territory, and the result ours is a reality that has exported technology and cutting edge technology to 50 countries of the world. The Cyber challenge is the future for security also in the APR theme. "

These were the words of the CEO of TEKNE Ambrogio D'Arrezzo.

Finally, the unmissable award for the "oldest" employee, part of this company from its beginnings and therefore a direct witness to its growth.
We entrusted the historic robot "Emiglio", whose electronic boards were born in the Poggiofiorito plant in the early 1990s, the task of delivering the trip that the property offered to Antonio and his family as a sign of gratitude for loyalty and contribution.

As a background to the party, some of our vehicles: the new Aternus electric microbus designed for sustainable tourism, the Horton bus in the Open Top 9m version and the Graelion 7.5t offroad cabin cruiser that now receives acclaim from all over the world.

Great feedback was given to the evening by the media and the press, here is the press review in italian.

We want to thank all those who intervened and who celebrated our first thirty years, all the employees, their families that we feel so close to, our historical suppliers with whom we work every day, the customers who have rewarded us with their trust and precious institutions; thanks to all of you today TEKNE is a lively reality, ready for a future that we hope will be full of satisfactions for everyone.

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