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TEKNE's Bus Range from 9 to 12m

Introducing HORTON. Reliable, Confortable, Beautiful.

Its name is Horton from the town of Ortona, which houses one of our plants, because here it was born from the first sketches.
It's a whole range of buses to transport you in safety and comfort.

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A captivating design bus that aims at harmonizing the shapes around the front spherical windscreen, chosen to ensure greater visibility; the external lights, full led, with particular profiles, complete the overall picture accompanying the front lines.

The first drafts designed at Tekne are from 2018, and by mid-year Horton is already making its first appearance on the roads of Italy.

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The range includes a tourism version, an open top version and a school bus version.
Special arrangements are available, such as Horton-P made for the Penitentiary Police for transporting prisoners; for exports, a Commuter Bus version is available for commuter suburban journeys.

All lines can be declined in different lengths (9-11-12m), so as to vary the number of optional seats and equipment.